[New!] Honduras Outreach

FGBMFI impacts the nation of Honduras. Having just returned from Honduras, I want to take a moment to share about some of the exciting things that happened there. I have never seen anything like it; we really touched that nation. It would have been difficult for anyone not to have noticed us.

Leadership 2000 (click here for PDF version)

A Leadership 2000 Training Seminar is a must. Richard Shakarian explains that after the last training meeting the anointing was so strong that what followed was like a heavenly explosion. Everyone who has sat in on the training of the trainers is excited and most say, "I see it… it's really the vision intensified!"

Fire Conference in Munich, Germany

Richard Shakarian visits Germany with HiTech Businessmen, Fire Teams from Nicaragua and Honduras, Youth Teams that are sweeping their countries. Also World Convention 2000 details.

Why Me?

Feeding a conveyor belt, suddenly, I slipped and was caught up in the equipment. My left arm was almost torn off by the safety guard.

Cycling with the Best

Cycling has become a world-wide sport and grown dramatically in popularity over the past few years. It is very much a sport of total commitment...

Uganda and Rwanda

The FGBMFI Airlift to East Africa was a resounding success. This is the fourth trip in five years there. Our mission was to encourage chapters.

Healing for the Hurts

Starved for love as a child, I found love anywhere I could. I died for forty minutes after a heart attack. Moving toward the glimmer...

A Hit Man with a New Mission

Something happened to Jimmy Hughes, who used to be a professional hit man for the Mafia, it happened through a group of business men.

International Unity

There was an atmosphere of expectation. As we are nearing the close of the millenium it was wonderful to see what God is doing around the world. The warmth of a close knit family prevailed from the moment delegates entered the hotel.

97,000 People Respond

In May, 300 Fire Teams, including men and women from many nations, had a dynamic effect on Nicaragua. In 925 meetings throughout the nation, more 97,000 people responded to an invitation to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

Taking a Nation

Taking a Nation Nicaragua 3rd-8th May 1999: This dynamic event by all reports surpassed anything the FGBMFI has ever done. With over 925 meetings taking place in a single outreach, the impact could be felt to the very fiber of the nation.


Paraguay: Politics, parties, and alcohol -- life had no sense then a lawyer who had invited Derlis Rubén Torres to a business men’s meeting.

Real Life, Real Friends

Honduras: Wealth and the good life was not enough! Even though we had a great house, a swimming pool, fast cars, and exciting holidays, there was something missing.

It’s Happening in Nicaragua!

If you are looking for something that is “really happening” there is one event that you have to put on your agenda. This FGBMFI event on May 3rd-8th, 1999, will give new vision to all coming.

The North is NOT so cold!

The FGBMFI in Sweden and Denmark endeavor to reach top businessmen.
It is believed that as we begin to network together more and more as Christian businessmen, these seminars will become very important. They give needed training for many as well as a place where members can invite other business people.

Georgia State Governor

Newly elected Governor, Roy Barnes, came to the Men's Advance with previous Governor Joe Frank Harris. Both shared about the importance of prayer. Afterwards business leaders from the FGBMFI gathered around to pray for Governor Barnes. The Georgia Men's Advance has been forced to split into two weekends, held one after the other, packing out the camp to capacity on both.

El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras

Many FGBMFI men suffered severe loss. This has resulted in financial difficulties and some have lost their homes. The mayor of Honduras’ capital city was killed in a helicopter crash while taking food to the needy and rescuing victims.

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